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Behind Barbed Wire

Postby Peregrinefalcon » Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:13 pm

Guess it should go here, posted the first intro in General. Also posting on

Here are the characters for my P. O. W. campaign.

Captain Herbert Eaton Royal Medical Corps.
Hometown: Peoria, Ill
Family: parents, 2 sisters, and 4 brothers
Education: Oxford Medical
Enlisted: Because He lost his Girlfriend in the bombing of London.

Gunnery Sergeant Johnny Walker U.S. Marine Corps
Hometown: Chicago Ill
Age: 26
Family: parents and 1 brother (Jimmy)
Education: High School
Enlisted: Both Brothers Joined the Marines ( Officer ).

Private Jozef Ziemniak Polish Army
Age: 37
Education: High School
Family : Unknown(oldest of 7, family was alive before the Russians took over)(good peasant wife, children may be alive)
Enlisted: Germans and Russians Invading.

Private Ryan Atkins U.S. Army
Hometown: Paducah Ky
Age: 20
Education: 7th grade
Family: Ma, Pa, 10 brothers.
Enlisted: Serve his Country(Kicked out of the house at 18)

Major Eli Morgan U.S. Army
Education: Masters from Harvard

Sergeant Tobias Keaton U.S Army
Hometown: Boston Mass
Age: 22
Education: 2 years College
Family: Parents, 1 sister
Enlisted: Patriotic serving his country

1st Lt Kevin O’Callaghan Royal Army
Hometown: Cilldara
Age: 26
Education: College (BS)
Family: Mother, wife and 2 kids
Enlisted: Patriot.

We might still have some changes, I told them they could fiddle as much as they wanted till the characters manifest their powers.

The Americans were sent to evaluate the Commando training program. Once America entered the war they of course wanted to help. So they were sent on their first mission. To help the Polish Home Army, raid a german supply station.....
They were shot down.

Herbert Eaton was an american student at Oxford when the war started, lost his girlfriend in the during a German bombing run. Signed up with the Royal Army Medical. He wanted to see german so he got his friend to let him ride along on a mission. He was shot down.

We did a combat to let people see the rules before it was thier characters. Then they all arrived at the camp. Got to talk to the SAO but thats as far as we got. Write up to follow
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Re: Behind Barbed Wire

Postby Peregrinefalcon » Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:14 pm

Heres the first two sessions. Also posted at

They new prisoners headed to their new home to see what they had. The room in Block 10 that had been assigned to them was room 6. It was just 16 and half feet long and 12 and half feet wide. There were 4 double bunks along the walls, a stove for cooking and heating, one table and a couple stools in the center of the room. They were going to be living pretty close with each other. Capt Eaton who had arrived a few days earlier then the other Americans was waiting to meet them. After some introductions a knock on the door announced the presence of Major Hozier. He broke down some of the basic rules of the camp.
“Roll call is normally at 0900 and at 1500 but the Goons can change that any time they like. You’ll get one lump of coal per man per day. Try to make it last. Red Cross packages will be distributed on Monday’s as long as they last. The Goons love the cigarettes so if you don’t smoke you can trade them for a lot of stuff. The gates between camps are kept open and you’re allowed to freely mix, but you have to be in your barracks at lock down. Enlisted men are allowed to work on the building of the new camp to the north. The Goons brought in some Polish prisoners to work on it as well; a few of them speak English and seem to be all right guys. I’ll get supply to get all of you guys some winter hats.”
“Lt Colonel Hubbard would like to speak to you as soon as you’re settled in. You can find him in block 9.”

The group settled their things. They now all have 1 spoon, 1 knife, 1 fork, and 1 bowl. So it doesn’t take long, they then head over to speak to the Lt. Colonel. He’s an easy man to find as his room is the only room in block 9 with a guard standing at the door. He nods to them and says that the Colonel is expecting them. The Lt. Colonel is sitting at a desk looking over some paperwork. He glances up at them and smiles.

“Good to see the Americans finally decided to join us”
“Welcome to Stalag Luft 1, I’m Lt. Colonel Hubbard in charge of Provisional Group 1.”
“The first thing everyone always wants to know about is escapes. We are all gentlemen here and we expect military discipline in all things even this. If you have an idea for an escape attempt you bring it to the Escape Committee. They then review it and decide if it’s a good plan or not. If they approve it, any higher ranking officers waiting to escape get to try it first, and then you’re allowed. Currently we’re not approving any attempts.”
“May I ask why sir?”
“There was an attempt last week, 2 of the men who tried were shot, and the others in their room are still in the cooler. Oberst Krub has promised that if there are any more attempts everyone in the barracks will be punished. We’re trying to give him time to cool down.”
“You American’s some of the guards are from the U.S. don’t get to chummy with them. They are the enemy, no matter how nice they seem.”
“O’Callaghan the potatoes in this camp are for eating not drinking. Don’t give the Germans any reason to cut our rations.”
“Gentlemen boredom is the 2nd biggest enemy here after the Germans. Try to keep occupied, we’ve got people teaching classes, the library has some good books, The YMCA delivered some musical instruments, so we’ve started a band. Once the weather clears up we’ve several sports.”
“Cap. Corning is in charge of your block bring any problems you have to him.”

The group then returns to their room to enjoy their first meal together. Two slices of German bread with some cheese and some kind of fish.

Session 2
After the meal Major Morgan met with Captain Corning, to discuss the command of the barracks. He also sent Private Atkins to sneak between the barracks to see if they could move freely between them after lights out. Some of the men also became very cold during the night.
The American’s found themselves somewhat celebrities in the camp the next morning, after roll call, a polish soldier came over to discuss American cars. They also had a visit from a guard named Henri who was a butcher in New York before returning to serve his country. They then spent most of the day scouting out the camp, and thinking about escape. Major Morgan went to talk to Lt Col Hubbard about the cold feeling. Hubbard told him that it was just something that happens, trick peoples minds play on them.
That night more of the American’s felt cold, and they also thought they heard screaming, coming from the northeast side of the camp. Since the polish soldier’s barracks was on that side the next morning they went to talk to their new polish friend. He informed them that it sounded like someone in the cooler was getting beaten.
Everything changed at afternoon roll call. The camp was rocked by an explosion, a man wreathed in flame, walked slowly out of the cooler, throwing fire at buildings and guards. Panic struck the camp, prisoners started running for cover, and guards started firing. The man then started throwing fire more indiscriminately around the camp. A fireball went flying at Major Morgan who leaped into the air to avoid it and found he could fly. Captain Eaton got hit square in the chest by the flames, rolled around on the ground screaming to put out the flames and found he could heal. Flight Lt O’Callaghan found the man looking at him and really didn’t want to be seen, and suddenly wasn’t, finding himself invisible. Private Ziemniak found the man’s attention focused at him, but with the power of his mind stopped the fireball from hitting him. Private Atkins need to get away was so great he ran straight through a barracks to get out of sight.
Suddenly the camp got quieter as most of the prisoners started cowering on the ground in fear. The guards were focusing all their attention on the flaming man. So the new talents decided to strike. Morgan hit and knocked a guard manning a machine gun out of one of the guard towers. He was prepared to man it when he saw Atkins with his head down and headed his way. So he flew over and knocked another guard out of the next tower. Ziemniak called one of the guards a bastard, and he erupted into flame. Eaton and O’Callaghan picked up a few of the dead guards guns and started moving toward the path through the wire carved by Atkins.
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