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Postby bayonder » Sat Dec 24, 2011 8:22 pm

Well, here are ten creepy skills for orphans in Candlewick manor, generated using Doctor Jesters Phantasmagorical Automatic Freak Machine as inspiration. I like how they turned out, it's too easy to make creepy skills that aren't that creepy and I think the freak machine helps with that.

1 Face: Searing Steel Jaws 3d (Attacks: Bite!, Burning, Tough)

Description: A set of red hot steel teeth line your jaw, though they are hot enough to warm your hands by they don't seem to harm your mouth, other than everything tasting char broiled that is.

2 Brains: Brain Enhancer Crab 4d (Useful: Mad Science Genius, Sharing)

Description: A crab like creature has attached itself to your brain and spine, jacking into your nervous system and amping up your intelligence in exchange for food, it appears to be some kind of brood mother capable of birthing smaller crabs that can boost others minds temporarily but they die off if they stray too far from the mother. role your creepy skill

3 Dual Skill:The Grotesque Gecko Child
Guts: Smooth Scales 3d (Defends)
Hands: Sucker Tipped Digits 2d (Useful: Super Suction Grip)

Description: Possessing a smooth scaly hide, you are very wide eyed and reptilian in appearance, your wide mouth hosts an enormously long and wide tongue with which you moisten your eye balls every few minutes. Your long flat fingers are tipped with powerful suction cups, which often causes you to simply suction to an object and forget about it until you need to let go again, it also makes your grip hard to break and allows you to climb most semi-smooth surfaces with only mild difficulty.

4 Hands: Venomous Tentacular Arms 4d (Useful:Strong, big and extremely flexible tentacles instead of arms, Attacks)

Description: Your arms are long, thick and boneless, ending in roughly palm shaped psuedopods that branch off into sucker lined and boneless fingers. Your suckers are ringed with tiny teeth and can secrete a painful venom on command, making grappling with you a dangerous proposition. Your flexibility allows you to slip from many grapples with little effort, as well as reach and bend your arms in ways no normal child ever could, and the power of your limbs would allow you to hold a wild boar in each hand if, for whatever reason, you found yourself in a situation where that was a remotely good idea.

5 Guts: Sonic Wave Organ 3d(Attacks, Tough, Wicked Fast)

Description: Your chest is covered by a chitinous network of overlapping plates, each of which is connected to powerful muscles and air sacs, both armoring your core organs and enhancing your lungs. In times of confrontation you can lift all your plates in unison, they each click in place and pressure from the muscles quickly reaches a critical mass, at which point the catches release and a forceful pressure wave shoots from your mouth. This all takes place in a matter of milliseconds, your chest seems to puff unnaturally large beneath your cloths for a moment, then a resounding crack sounds and your opponent find himself dazed and often prone on the ground.

6 Hands: Arcane Fingers 3d (Useful: Conjure and Command Spirits,Useful: Affect Objects At a Distance, Defends)

Description: Your hands constantly and unconsciously writes arcane signs, sigils and seals in the air, most of the time it just looks like your hands won't stop twitching. If you really concentrate you can direct the intention of the sigils, manipulating objects at a distance, even conjuring spirits you know and commanding spirits nearby. When you concentrate enough to do this though your fingers begin to trail light in the air, drawing sacred geometries and ancient seals that come from the heavens, or sometimes more sinister places. If you are ever threatened with attack your hands will be able to defend you, flashing signs of shielding and wards of protection.

7 Hands: Frost Touch 3d (Attacks, Burns x2)

Description: Your arms are always cold and numb, and you have never felt your hands, but you''ve learned to use them decently despite your lack of sensation. You wear thick heavy gloves, mostly to keep your hands from spreading frost all over were they touch, those who are touched by your bare hands suffer a painful frost over their flesh, it can even scar and mar with frostbite if give the time.

8 Brain: Overgrown Pulsating Brain 2d (Useful: Hear What People Are Thinking, Attacks, Defends, Area)

Description: Your brain is about twice the size of a normal brain, unfortunately your skull was not, you skull deformed under the pressure of your growing brain and your cerebrum is now exposed. The jagged edges of your alien skeletal structure are all that hold you brain in, but it pays to have a brain this big, you can hear the thoughts of those around you. It reads the thoughts of everyone within five feet, unless there is just one individual in that radius you will have to sort through the welter of everyone's thoughts in that area, you have tried to talk to people with your mind but all you can seem to manage is a psychic scream that gives people headaches and nose bleeds. Your mind reading also comes in handy for anticipating incoming attacks, letting you calculate the trajectory of an attack and avoid it with ease.

9 Guts: Alchemical Conversion Pouch 3d (Useful: Turn one form of matter into another as long as it isn't solid, Awesome x2)

Description: Your throat can swell like that of a bullfrog, taking in any non-solid matter and converting it to something else, as much as a gallon of liquid can be converted at once. the process takes (5- width) hours. the organs complete processes are run by two simple brains, little more complex than a pair of cerebellums, on either side of the pouch. If these "governors" are injured the pouch can become confused and unreliable for a short time, most of the time they blend in with the wrinkled flesh of the deflated pouch, but they stand out far more next to the smooth surface of the inflated pouch.

10 Face: Iron Arthropod Jaws 2d (Useful: Chew through anything, Attacks, Tough, Gnarly)

Description: You have a combination of a set of mandibles that are like bolt cutters and iron maxillae that vertically split the lower third of your face, your mandibles can cut tough material and draw object toward you maxillae, where most matter can be ground to tiny chunks to be either cast aside or consumed.
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