Conception (UK) Sunday Morning Hangover Slot

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Conception (UK) Sunday Morning Hangover Slot

Postby Evilgaz » Mon Jan 31, 2011 2:53 am

The full con report for those with insomnia can be read by following the link in my signature, but the specially extended version of the traditional Sunday Morning Hangover Slot Monsters and Other Childish Things Game is:

I’d dispensed with the character creation stuff as its too hard for the Monsters really, especially first thing on the last day when everyone is a bit worse for wear, although the drawing and colouring-in was missed. Having the kids and monsters split out between players (rather than everyone having two characters) worked a treat though and really brought out that special bond between those Monsters and Kids. Duncan was hypersonic as Jethica and provided comedy gold by describing the pink dress he likes to wear while his (real life) child looked up bemused. Yarn Ball was great with the fists too (was it Cathy? Damnit, I even wrote everyone’s name down, but foolishly on the back of the sign up sheet which I handed in…). In fact everyone was awesome sauce, even when the game went to some very dark places. Didn’t it Neil? Didn’t it?

The action started in a special school for disturbed children and within minutes the Threat of bullies was dispensed, the room was on fire (again) and everyone was moved from the dorm to separate rooms. Jessica got her second dress mucky in the canteen and Yarn Ball got faced down by Bugnutz, the kitchen 'roach. Thomas got a new friend in the extremely pretty Julie and the scene was set for a love triangle. Before too long the room was on fire.

Julia helped the kids escape and after a brief interlude with the two boys drinking moonshine with a Vietnam vet (who insisted on calling Jimmy by his nickname Heroin Jimmy) and hearing all the old stoires, Yarn Ball was on fire and the action rolled on. Things somehow got out of hand at the arcade and Julia was pretty no longer, Whisper totally pwned Splinter and with the cops showing the gang headed for Mercy Hospital - or The Castle as it was referred to. Obviously this is where Princesses should live.

Inside, after seeing Julia rushed in via ambulance, Whisper suggested it was an upside down castle and got the other Monsters to make a bed in the morgue out of gurneys and skinned cadavers, spraying the walls with watered blood (Jessica likes pink). This really didn't have the effect the Monsters were hoping for, but that's girls for you, never happy.

Drawing a veil over that dark scene, we get to the upper levels where the kids had found a spare room and organised a party. The Monsters broke the TV and had to fix it, but did it wrong and everyone had to watch Glaxxor 17's eight-dimensional nature programs. Vending machines were emptied out for snacks (shake shake), but Thomas had had plenty of "candy" from the nice doctor who'd fixed his after Splinter had nailed them to his sides, and besides he and Jessica had some of that bitter candy from the nice lady doctor too.

As the two kids vomited Excrutiator Hatchlings, Jimmy ran off to get help from the lady doctor and found himself in a Janitor's Closet with the Excrutiator attempting eat his face. Which was upsetting. Yarn Ball piled in while Splinter tried to "fix" its mouth shout, Jessica stamped on its Tentacles, Jimmy struggled like crazy and Whisper set the whole lot of them on fire, while Thomas helped with a fire extinguisher.

As the cameras faded to black a rather unsavoury doctor was rolling on the floor clutching his family jewels , the kids were arguing and the MiB snatch squads were closing in...

Great game with a good bunch of players. 3 kids + 3 monsters = 6x fun.
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Re: Conception (UK) Sunday Morning Hangover Slot

Postby Shane Ivey » Wed Feb 16, 2011 3:06 pm

So fun. Wish I had been there.
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