The Conspiracy Begins!

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The Conspiracy Begins!

Postby RichD » Tue Aug 19, 2008 8:33 am

So I told a husband and wife (B and L) pair that we game with about Monsters and B's eyes just lit up. L thought it sounded good but said he didn't have the headspace for another game. After overhearing us play the first session he insisted we make up his character so he could hop into the next session. "Any game with the skill Connive is one I've got to try!"

So we totally ended up with the Geek Squad in the flavors of Science Geek, Library Geek, and Creepy Book Lover Geek.

My wife A, based her Monster off of her love of Doctor Who. Thus was born Alistair, the 9ft tall blue Yeti that speaks just like the Brigadier. Her character Rilana has The Doctor as a Relationship and is always thinking WWTDD?

B, has Manny, a scuttling mix of spider and ape that can shrink small enough to hide under anything and loves snagging and eating people's shoes. Her character Becky has a relationship with the librarian, which will be so much fun later.

L brought in Billy Bob, a tentacled monstrosity that hides in plain sight as his backpack and has a voracious appetite for the written word. That's right: his backpack ate his homework. And his text books. And his teacher. He is restricted from the library and his father has a $5000 deposit with the library to pay for replacement books. Oh and his accent slides from redneck to German when he is angry. I can't quite remember the boy's name but he calls his father, Sir.

Since I didn't know if this would be a campaign or a one shot, I went with the Friend for a Fiend adventure in the back of Curriculum of Conspiracy. So Rilana and Becky are waiting in the corridors before they can head to homeroom. Rilana gets cornered by Alan who enthusiastically wants to chat about the Doctor Who novel she is reading and the Merlin miniseries that was on TV and Oh, look, I need to talk to someone over there about a thing. Later. (Pair of ones. A bad lie, but it worked) Becky is being pestered by her younger sister Mary who loves to try and guess what Manny is hiding under. "He's under your ear lobe right? You left ear lobe! Let me look under your ear lobe!" Becky just sighs.

Suddenly both notice the strange nondescript kids crowding the hallway. They are rather gray in color and dressed in 1950's style clothing. Then the corridor erupts into chaos as the shadowy mob start fighting the wrestling team! Alistair feels a draining attack upon him but his Thick Furry Torso has Tough as turns it aside. "Incoming fire, Mum! Take Cover!" So Rilana gets out of the way while Manny scuttles to the ceiling for a better look. Neither does anything to break up the fight so after a while the teachers break everything up and they note that the shadow kids have disappeared.

Morning classes are spent gathering rumors. The captain fo the wrestling was so beat up that he's going to miss the big match! Also, Adam reports to Rilana that like four kids are claiming to have a book of magic in the school, "And I'm not one of them, I swear!"

Fast forward to lunch. They are all in line for lunch. Manny is admiring the matching shoes that the cheer leading squad are wearing. Thus, they clearly note when the cafeteria worker lumbers forward with a vat of hot grease. "Special delivery for Heather, the Queen Bitch!" and he heads towards the head cheer leader with the intention of a very painful makeover. Rilana decides to tackle this herself, literally, and tried to knock the worker down over Alistair's protests. "Stay off the front lines, Mum, that's my place!" Manny snatches the cheerleader with his Grabtacular hands and hauls her to the far side of the lunch room. Rilana pitifully misses and lands on a heap on the floor. Suddenly the trash cans erupt and garbage swirls into this disgusting man shaped monster with a meat shield and rock hard french bread for a sword. And its towering over Rilana.

Alistair doesn't wait for orders. "We can discuss it at the court martial, Ma'am!" and the 9 foot tall Yeti squares off with the garbage monster while most of the students run screaming out into the hallway. Slashing claws meet french bread and then Adam calls out from the sidelines, "The eyes! Go for the eyes!" Rilana so instructs Alistair and one swipe of his massive claws rips those pepperoni eyes right out of the monster's head. The garbage collapses in a heap and the teachers move in there and sweep everyone who had not run into the principle's office.

Also there are a few other kids, the ones that claimed to have a magic book. Enter Mr. Phillips, the meanest teacher in the school. He very pointedly explains to them that nothing happened in the cafeteria today aside from a worker going nuts and that any rumors to the contrary would be severely dealt with. Also, he has heard rumors of a very dangerous book of power being present and he wants it for safekeeping immediately if not sooner.

Then he leaves and Priniciple Stanmeyer comes in and proceeds to give them the same speech minus the concerns about the book as though he had no idea that Mr. Phillips had come in. Thus begins the suspicion that something is not right with their social studies teacher.

That is where we left part one. I'll post part two in a little bit.
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Re: The Conspiracy Begins!

Postby Shane Ivey » Wed Aug 20, 2008 6:46 am

Cool, thanks for posting this. I hope your players had a good time!
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Re: The Conspiracy Begins!

Postby omnimpotent » Wed Aug 20, 2008 10:55 am

Neato! Looking forward to part 2!
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Re: The Conspiracy Begins!

Postby ross.payton » Thu Aug 21, 2008 11:59 am

Awesome. I wrote the book and it's great to hear that other people are enjoying it. I've run the scenario 4 times so far, including 2 games at Gencon. Let me know if you have any questions about it.
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