Build Help Needed: Voodoo Priest

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Build Help Needed: Voodoo Priest

Postby LordNightwinter » Tue Jan 08, 2013 7:32 pm

Traditional Voodoo is used to change the outcome of something or to help someone. The Hollywoodized version of it isn't really like authentic voodoo. It's private and not overly flashy, anything else would be an insult to the spirits. So in that same vein I'd like to build a voodoo priest that has a lot of that down to earth 'i want to help people' but at the same time he can defend himself if need be. A sort of character that would help an innocent man but would let a criminal die if he felt the person had done enough bad.

Name: Samhain (250 point goal)
Archetype: Mystic (0)
Source: Paranormal (5)
Permissions: Inventor (5), Power Theme - Voodoo Priest (5)

Body: 4d (20)
Coordination 2d (10)
Sense: 2d (10)
Mind: 5d (25)
Charm: 1d (5)
Command: 2d (10)

Base Will: 7
Willpower: 7

Athletics 2d [6d] (4)
Brawling 2d [6d] (4)
Language: Old Nubian (Free)
Language: French 2d [7d] (4)
Language: English 2d [7d] (4)
Knowledge: Arcane Lore 2d [7d] (4)
Knowledge: Voodoo Traditions 4d [9d] (8)
Knowledge: Religious Lore 2d [7d] (4)
Empathy 2d [4d] (4)
First Aid 2d [7d] (4)
Medicine 4d [9d] (8)
Streetwise 2d [7d] (4)
Survival 2d [7d] (4)

(151 Points so far, I'll need to down drop some of these down apparently)

Powers (Here's where I'm having trouble I would like the following powers and I need help building them out)
Regeneration (Permanent, Always On)
Ageless (Same as above, he'll be several hundred years old, not known for sure)
Souleater (Attack power, powered by him, not external)
(MAYBE) Raise Dead (Minions, Mindless?)
Inventor/Gadgetter (The ability to make magical artifacts that emulate powers)
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Re: Build Help Needed: Voodoo Priest

Postby LordNightwinter » Tue Jan 08, 2013 7:35 pm

Regeneration (1d, 2hd) Useful, Self, Permanent
-Like Wolverine/Sabertooth

Souleater (2d, 2hd, 1wd) Attacks, Touch, Horrifying
-Allows him to touch someone and effectively do damage to them by pulling a part of their soul energy out of their body. I might add a verbal component too as he prays to the spirits or Shango or some other old god

Ageless (1d, 2hd) Useful, Self, Permanent
-He doesn't age because of both his regeneration and soul eater power.
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Re: Build Help Needed: Voodoo Priest

Postby Shane Ivey » Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:12 am

Traditional voodoo is fascinating as a source of a fictional magic system. You have both the bokor's work conjuring the spirits of the dead and conjuring stranger wicked spirits to do mischief or learn secrets, and the more traditional rituals that incarnate the powerful loa in worshippers. Folklore says those "ridden" by the loa are immune to harm -- how can a bullet hurt a mighty spirit? -- and take on some of the wisdom and power of the loa themselves. So you could pick a few favorite loa and build up powers for your priest, with some interesting side effects related to behavior. Perhaps while he's possessed by Shango he can invoke thunder and lightning, cause fire to flare up wildly, and shrug off bullets and blades, but he's got a tremendous, overbearing propensity to violence that replaces the character's usual Motivations altogether.
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