Body w/ No Upper Limit Cost.

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Body w/ No Upper Limit Cost.

Postby Gryphynx » Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:38 pm

Could someone tell me the cost of Body 3 (6) with No Upper Limit please? Is it 3x5 + 3x(4+2) = 33 (and thus resulting in more 5(6)'s for 5x5 + 1x(4+2) = 31) or is Upper Limit across the whole thing for 3x(5+2) + 3x(4+2) = 39 (and thus people buying 2(6) instead to save a point), or is it 6x(4+2) = 36 and just pick what your non-hyper stat would be as long as it's 5 or lower (resulting in the person likely being Body 5(6))?
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Re: Body w/ No Upper Limit Cost.

Postby Shane Ivey » Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:42 am

Stats and extras are tricky. If you buy the Extra on only some of the dice, then it applies only when you use those dice, not when you use the dice that don't have the Extra.

6d with No Upper Limit: Use NUL with all 6d.

3d with No Upper Limit + 3d without it: Roll 6d for most purposes, but you can use NUL only if you roll only 3d.
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