'Better Angels' in play

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'Better Angels' in play

Postby Shane Ivey » Wed May 15, 2013 10:38 am

This morning I have two looks at what it's like to play BETTER ANGELS.

First, an excerpt from the book itself, which features an extensive Example of Play chapter to illustrate the game. This scene includes a player character named Felix and his demon Kazoth the Guttering Flame on a mission in a museum, and two antagonists, the angelic Shining Diamond and the not-so-angelic Axe-Hole.


Second, an After Action Report from RPG Grognard. It too features villains accosting hapless museum workers -- and it highlights the GM's realization that the players were making their own conflicts in a way that kept the action going strong for hours with hardly any work from him. ("And it was the best gaming session I ever ran.")

Check them out for some fun reading.
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