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Instant Adventures for 'Better Angels'

Postby Shane Ivey » Thu May 16, 2013 11:00 am

Written by Greg Stolze and Shane Ivey, © 2013

In the typical comic book, the hero is spurred into action by the villain’s plan: Doc Ock tries to marry Aunt May and it’s up to either Peter Parker or the Spectacular Spider-Man to foil it. Or Bane occupies Gotham. Or Zod shows up to have a chat with Superman. You could almost think these heroes would have pleasant, comfortable lives if it wasn’t for all this stuff happening all the time.

Playing Better Angels, it’s on the characters to be that stuff. They’re the supervillains scheming the crazy schemes.

This may challenge players if they’re used to more pre-planned scenarios where they’re led by a trail of clues to a grand resolution. You can write those sorts of adventures for Better Angels, but here’s what’s more likely to happen: You set the stage, introduce a McGuffin or an NPC superhero or rival supervillain pulling some stunt, and ask how the player characters want to react — and pretty soon the players-as-Screwtapes step in and start pushing their hosts to all kinds of shenanigans that you didn’t predict.

Suddenly it’s the players making up the crazy plots and you, the GM, figuring out how the NPCs might try to thwart them.

The key is to actively encourage the players, up front, to start stuff too. And if they don’t have any ideas, all they need to do is consult their Screwtapes.

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