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GamingCon One Shot TOG131

Postby Sobolev » Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:54 am

Hello all,

I'm working on a one-shot to demo at a gaming con that is run by the gaming club at my university. I expect 4-5 players to play and I want the game to be quite in-depth. I'm just getting started, so I don't have much yet. At the moment I want the PCs to participate in some sort of raid on an Axis camp. If anyone has any thoughts about where something like that might take place, let me know!

Here are some character ideas that I'm working on today, I envision having 9-10 possible options for players to select from. No one has names yet, and backstories are mostly limited, I just started today!

Sergeant James "Jim" Paxton - "The Green Thumb"
Age: 29
Background: A career soldier, previously a Staff Sergeant before his power was discovered by High Command. Discrimination against Paxton became intense and he was demoted to Sergeant for a minor procedural offense. Now assigned to the TOG131, Sgt. Paxton does the best to lead a squad that he knows is of low priority to those back home. He just hopes to keep as many alive on this suicide run as he can. Sgt. Paxton still remembers the crazed statements that were made about him following the discovery of his useless power, so Paxton hides his power out of habit and has not told anyone in TOG131 of its existence. He would prefer that they think he is there to keep an eye on the "weirdos" rather than the truth, he is no longer trusted and has been banished out of sight just as surely as everyone else in his squad.

Paxton has a longstanding friendship with Waters from their lives before the army and they kept in touch when assigned to different units. Now that they are together, Sgt. Paxton appreciates the friendly face but can tell that something is eating at his friends nerves. Repeated confrontations with Waters have yielded nothing on what is upsetting his long time friend, and the rift between them is growing.

Speak with Plants (Dud)

Brian Waters - "The Walker"
Age: 27
Background: A long time friend of the Sergeant, and the only person in TOG131 to know about the Sergeant's power, Brian enlisted as soon as he could, following in his lifelong role model's footsteps. Keeping in touch he wanted nothing more than to reach the same heights his friend was aspiring to. Unfortunately, Waters remains the only survivor of his original assignment following a poison attack against their position. His form changing in to that of a rotting corpse he seemed unaffected by the gas that killed his squadmates. Waters was the first Talent identified for TOG131, a designation he does not find to be an honor. Despite his great love for country, "The Walker" wishes he was normal and not a freak, and wishes he had died, dug in, with his original squad.

Waters resents his friends assignment to TOG131 as he knows his friends power is useless, and cannot protect him from the horrors they are sure to find. His fear for his friend has begun to overwhelm him and he takes it out as anger at all those around him. He refuses to explain to the Sergeant what the problem is, and hopes to keep his friend alive as long as he can.

Alternate Form: Zombie

Heavy Armor
Attached: Alternate Form

Nervous Habit: Only Works At Night
Attached: Alternate Form
Self Only

Immunity (Poisonous Gas)
Attached: Alternate Form
Self Only

Thomas "Tommy" Brook - "The Raven"
Age: 19
Background: A young man from Ohio, Tommy was a good old farmhand who kept the push mowers running properly and helped harvest the crop. In his spare time when his work was done, he spent his time in the barn with left over pieces of mowers and dreaming about flying. Cobbling together various moving parts in front of his pictures of the Wright Brothers flight he managed to piece together a "jet pack", a device so mysterious most people have hard time understanding what it even might do. Capable of flight with this jet pack, Private Brook is taking the fight to the Nazis and hopes to slap some Japs while he's at it. Fully convinced by the pro-Allies propaganda the idea that the Axis is anything but monsters is beyond him. He's going to win one for the good old U. S. of A!

Goldberg Science
One of a Kind: Jetpacks (-03/-06/-12)

Dennis Parker - "The Clock"
Age: 18
Background: Parker is a former high school star running back who discovered his powers during a mugging following a date. His assailant, another boy from his school, pointed a gun at him and demanded his wallet as well as his grandfather's watch. Thinking he could stand up to the assailant he told the guy to get lost. His attacker turned the gun on his date and shot her in front of Parker before turning the gun and firing again. Expecting the end Dennis closed his eyes, however after several seconds he opened his eyes to find the bullet frozen in the air. Without thinking Parker ran away leaving the dead body of his date as well as his attacker frozen in place.

While never able to completely stop time again, Parker has found that he is able to slightly slow nearby people, a Talent he used to great success for the rest of his high school career. He earned himself a full scholarship to a football program, a proud moment as no one from his family had ever had schooling after high school. In his senior year, he was drafted, forced to leave behind his schooling and his football career. He resents the U.S. government for this and hopes to get home soon. Because of his abandonment of the girl on the day he was mugged, Parker will never leave someone behind again and is obsessed with getting everyone safely home, himself included, even at the expense of his mission.

Time Fugue

Jerry Baker - "Number Nine"
Age: ??

Dead Ringer
**Absolute Duplication

Charles Freeman - "The Phoenix"

Second Chance
Attached Harm (Fireball Explosion on Returning To Life)

Joshua Lipschitz - "The Bonesaw"

**Leave Scars
**Requires Focus: Thread

-Doctor, Heals people by literally stitching their wounds closed leaving permanent scars.

Theodore "Ted" Baxter - "The Fist"

Super Coordination? Martial Arts, Super Throw, Super Dodge

Robert Woodfall - "The Wendigo"

Super Strong (Hyperbody)
**Nervous Habit: Eating a Corpse
Size Shift
**One Way or the Other: Increase Only
**Everything at Once
**Nervous Habit: Eat Corpse
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