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ARC1009 GODLIKE: Superhero Roleplaying (paperback + PDF)


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“Godlike in their abilities, let us hope this new breed of man will carry the burden of a suffering world to our ultimate and unwavering goal — freedom for all the people of the Earth.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt
November 10, 1941

At the dawn of World War II, a handful of people called "Talents" manifested strange powers that set them apart from the rest of humanity. With these powers man took to the air without mechanical aid, explored the depths of the sea without life support, and touched the rim of space.

To others, Talents seemed godlike in their power. Only the Talents themselves, pushed to the front lines of every battle, knew the truth — that these newfound powers seemed pointless in the face of death.

That their power set them apart from family, friends and enemies.

That it made them more, and yet somehow less.

These fears, like the power that feeds them, are godlike in their scope.

“The world is richly super [yet] delightfully bleak and war-torn…. Look, up in the sky — and take cover.” —Kenneth Hite, Out of the Box


GODLIKE is a role-playing game in which the players take the roles of superhuman Talents fighting in World War II.

No bright spandex, no pulp machismo. In the grimmest conflict in history, ordinary men and women emerge who have the Talents their times demand — but who are still as vulnerable, and ultimately as expendable, as the ordinary troops in the foxholes.

The core book includes everything you need to play in a wartime setting ripe with intrigue and combat.

“An excellent game with many roleplaying opportunities and chances to be real heroes.” —Jody Harkavy,

GODLIKE features an amazing, intensively researched alternate history by award-winning author Dennis Detwiller (Delta Green).

There's a full list of ready-to-play powers, and easy rules for creating your own from scratch. A huge "field manual" of weapons and vehicles covers all sides of the war.

And Greg Stolze (Unknown Armies) presents the innovative "One-Roll Engine," built for lightning-fast superpowered action.


GODLIKE features an intensively researched alternate history, the depth of setting and character for which award-winning author Dennis Detwiller (Delta Green) is famous, an innovative rules set by Greg Stolze (Unknown Armies), and a complete "D20" rules conversion by Mike Mearls.

“Slick production values, and a simple and clever system with an eye toward punching through tanks and German machine gun nests, make this a great superhero game.” —Mark Finn, RevolutionSF


This new paperback edition of GODLIKE includes corrections and revisions throughout the book based directly on the feedback of gamers over the years since GODLIKE first appeared.

It also includes a new appendix with further rules options adapted from GODLIKE sourcebooks and campaign books by Dennis Detwiller, Allan Goodall and Shane Ivey: squad combat rules, bombardments, minefields, the One-Roll Patrol generator, new powers and more.

“GODLIKE ultimately succeeds because it successfully and believably integrates superheroes into the war…. Our Pick: ‘A’.” —Kenneth Newquist, Science Fiction Weekly

GODLIKE: You are larger than life . . . but the War is larger than you!


Donar's Hammer
Sicily, July 1943. By Shane Ivey. $5.

Black Devils Brigade
Italy, November 1943 to June 1944. By Allan Goodall. $23.99.

Saipan, June 1944. By Matthew Hobbs. $5.

Operation Rascal
D-Day, June 1944. By Brennan Bishop. $5.

A Stutzepunkte Doubled
D-Day, June 1944. By Matthew Pook. Free.

For King and Country
D-Day, June 1944. By Chris Hall. Free.

Night of the Pegasus
D-Day, June 1944. Jordi Diest. Free.

Belgium, November 1944. By Dennis Detwiller. Free.

One o'Clock Wake-Up
The Belgian/German border, December 1944. By Greg Stolze and Shane Ivey. $5.

The Invasion of Jericho Bay
Okinawa, April 1945. By Dennis Detwiller. Free.


Quickstart Collection
Quick-play rules, a tutorial on the game system, and a primer on the GODLIKE setting. By Dennis Detwiller and Greg Stolze.

Pregens: TOG 141, "Miller's Hellions"
A full nine-man Talent Operations Group, written with Normandy in mind but ready to play in any GODLIKE game. By Dennis Detwiller.

Intelligence Bulletin No. 2: Talent Operations Groups
A training manual with tactics, tips, and training for Talent commandos. By Dennis Detwiller.

Intelligence Bulletin No. 3: Marine Corps Talents in the Pacific
All about the "Devil's Own," the hard-hitting Talents of the U.S. Marine Corps fighting in the Pacific Theater. By Dennis Detwiller.

Character Collection
Full details on nine NPCs from both sides of the war. By Dennis Detwiller and divers hands.

New Weapons and Vehicles
Dozens of new weapons and vehicles from every side of the war, including secret weapons of the OSS and the SOE. By Colin Chapman and Shane Ivey.


One Roll Engine 101 with Benjamin Baugh
A video interview via Google Hangouts.

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